This Isn’t Cereal In My Bowl! Episode 87 - February Is Over

February 24, 2017

Wow, we're two months in already and The Donald is still our President and apparently, winter gave up. In this episode, Ian talks about his now busy schedule, the new Sun Kil Moon album, as well as the new Jonwayne album. No not the cowboy, the rapper. Speaking of Cowboys, the later half of the episode includes a special review of Anberlin's third album Cities. 

Released on February 20th, 2007, Cities marked a period of growth and maturity for the Emo/alternative rock outfit. Lead singer Stephen Christian turns the lights on himself and his inner struggles, as the rest of the band rips through every note. There are fast driven songs perfect for a summer cruise down winding roads, and there are the acoustic ballads that add a nice release from the rest of the album. Overall, it's a great piece of music and a favorite of Matthews. We hope you enjoy the episode, now go and be a positive force in the world!


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