This Isn’t Cereal In My Bowl! Episode 86 - Gotta Keep On Keeping On

February 17, 2017

In this short episode, Ian struggles with being a listener as well as a creator. That doesn't stop him from checking out a few new albums and weighing in on this year's shit fest we call the Grammys. Make sure to listen to Jesca Hopp's Memories Are Now, Hand habit's Wildly Idle (Humble Before The Void), and Lowly's Heba. If you live in the greater Pittsburgh area Ian is playing a show with the good folks over at String Machine at the Workshop this Saturday 2/18 @ 7 PM $10 Visuals by Gage Martin. BANDS//STRINGMACHINE//KARTERSHACHNER//SLOWDANGER//HEAVYWAITS 

Also, Sunday 2/19 good friends in Sam Pellegrino are going to be getting funky with it over at the Gateway in Brooklyn: Doors @ 8PM $10


Next Saturday, 2/25 Muchmores Brooklyn @9PM FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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