This Isn’t Cereal In My Bowl! Episode 82 - Happy 40th Birthday Animals (feat. Jesse McKinnis)

January 24, 2017

Well, Trump is officially our president guys and it's looking grim. Here at bowl HQ, we think it's important to spread positivity and love wherever one may go. That being said, one has to wonder when do things get better? 40 years ago four Englishmen made an album dealing with the anger and frustrations they felt at their government and society. This album dealt with the dogs who will bite at your ankles and hit you while you're down to get the next treat. The Pigs that use the masses for their own selfish desires putting dog against sheep. The sheep are the masses that just blindly follow and feed into whatever is handed to them. This is an album built for the frustration so many are feeling in a time where corruption runs deep through our government and hatred is alive and well. That album is Animals by Pink Floyd and yesterday it turned 40 years old.

But wait, it can't be all bad right? Not when there's a brand new episode of TICIMB! featuring master of all things and good guy extraordinaire, Jesse McKinnis. Jesse is currently a nursing student studying in Pittsburgh while just living life as he would say. Matt and Ian would say he's one of the best dudes they've ever met and one of the most talented. It was a darn pleasure for the boys to make this one even with some technical difficulties. So without further ado, please enjoy this once in a lifetime conversation between three old friends and one really great old album, hit it, Baby Dave!


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