This Isn’t Cereal In My Bowl! Episode 72 - Slurped Coffee w/ Special Guest David Beck

November 18, 2016

Matt's away on super important airforce business, so Ian brought in the always charming David Beck to lighten up the mood during this weird time in history. The two catch up and discuss everything from Black Sabbath to Danny Brown, as well as a revelation on songwriting via Niccy T. and Portrait People. We here at Bowl HQ are also extremely proud to be one of the first outlets announcing the official release date of String Machine's - Threads From The Youth Fossil, out December 7th. That's right less than a month and you all can hear an album Matt and I are already so proud and such fans of. It's truly something beautiful and unique and we are so honored to know such a kind talented soul. 

Don't worry, if you want to know what new music you should check out this Friday Ian's got you covered talking about everything from the incredible new A Tribe Called Quest album to what's coming out today which he's sad to say there's not much. (Sorry Ostey and Metalica) That doesn't mean there might be a few surprises in store for us! Thanks so much for listening gang we appreciate you, and as we always say in spirit to David himself, HIT IT! 

This Episode is brought to you by Aunt Donna's Artisan Hand Rolled Cigarettes, "Don't waste your money just come see your Auntie Donna Honey"


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